A 21-day journey to less stress & more calm

Find more ease by shifting into a new way of seeing and being

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Do you wish to relax more, but don’t think you have the time for it?

Do you often feel overwhelmed and drained?


Do you long for more ease in your business and life?


Welcome to RELAX!

What makes this program different?

RELAX is not a program on stress management—it’s a transformative journey that begins with a shift in consciousness.

While conventional approaches attribute stress to external circumstances and problems, this program takes a different view.

It explores the deeper roots of stress, highlighting how it stems from identification with the mind and a sense of separation from the present moment.

By guiding you to shift into a new way of seeing and being—one rooted in presence and awareness—you’ll experience a profound transformation that allows you to experience more freedom, peace and calm.

How the program works & what you’ll get


⭐️ Kickoff Call:

We start on Friday, June 7 with a kickoff call that sets the stage for your transformation.

The recording will be available shortly afterwards in case you can’t join live.

⭐️ Daily Guidance:

Between the kickoff call and the closing Q&A call, you receive daily emails with a tip, transformative meditation, or short exercise.

These emails support you in making a shift in consciousness and guide you to more inner calm, peace and relaxation.

You can also access these emails on your membership site, so you can find them all in one place and refer back to them even after the program has finished.

⭐️ Online Forum:

You’re not alone on this journey. On this forum you can share insights, experiences, and ask questions that I will personally answer.

⭐️ Live Q&A Call:

On Friday, June 28, we wrap up the program with a live Q&A call. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and receive personalized guidance.

You can send in your questions via email if you can’t join live. You can hear the answer on the recording that will be available shortly afterwards.

Some of the results you can expect


⭐️ Less Stress

Release overwhelm and find more ease and relaxation in your business and life.

⭐️ Greater Clarity and Focus

Experience more clarity, calm and focus as the noise of the mind quiets down and you tune into your inner wisdom.

⭐️ Feel (Much) Better

Enjoy a greater sense of balance and harmony in all areas of your business and life.

You feel happier, calmer and more free!

Everything you get in RELAX

(besides more inner calm and peace ;-))

What you’ll get during our 21 days together:

  • A live kickoff call on Friday, June 7 + a recording of the call.
  • Daily emails with tips, transformative meditations, or short exercises.
  • Online forum to share your experiences and ask questions.
  • Live Q&A call on Friday, June 28 + a recording of the call (plus the option to send your question via email if you can’t join live.)

Regular option:

  • Your investment is 97 Euros.*
  • Access to everything mentioned above.

VIP option:

  • Your investment is 497 Euros if you pay in full, or 3 monthly installments of 175 Euros each.*
  • Everything in regular PLUS a 1-hour private coaching call where we dive into your personal situation and questions. You receive tailored guidance and support for your transformation to less stress and more ease, flow and relaxation.


Ready to relax in your business & life?

Sign up today and take the first step towards a freer and happier life!

(Don’t wait too long: we start on Friday, June 7 AND the doors close on this day, too!)


Is there something else you need to know before you’re ready to join?

Just shoot me an email here, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

*VAT for those in The Netherlands not included. The price in USD depends on the current exchange rate, but it’s approximately 105 USD for the regular option or 539 USD for the premium option at the time of writing this copy. (May 2024)

Ready to relax in your business and life?




kickoff call
daily emails
online forum
Q&A call
1-hour private coaching call

Yes, I’m ready to relax and a private coaching session with you!

RELAX Regular


kickoff call
daily emails
online forum
Q&A call

Yes, I’m ready to relax!

How others experienced working with me

Praise for Easy Breezy Business

“Since this program, I’m working less and have more time for myself.

I said ‘no’ to clients, said ‘no’ to new projects, and changed the days I want to have appointments with clients.

My life is so much more fun!

I really enjoy the things I do.”

Edith Helwegen, edithhelwegen . nl

Knowing Brigitte, I began the Easy Breezy Business program with great anticipation, and she has outdone herself!
It was so joyful to participate in the sessions. It was one big relaxing and magical gathering.
The content is completely different from anything you have ever learned in your life.
It’s indescribable how you feel as a result: the joy, happiness, calmness, and knowing that everything is possible.
All without stressing, hard work or exerting yourself!
Problems and pain I’ve struggled with all my life, despite trying everything imaginable to get rid of them, are starting to fall away.
Easy Breezy Business really changes absolutely everything.
The joyful effect of it in your life is indescribable.
That’s Brigitte’s gift: she can deeply touch who you already are.
I look forward to continuing this wonderful journey in Beyond Boundaries, the Q&A Membership exclusively for Brigitte’s clients!
Marieke Kamerbeek,

mariekekamerbeek . Nl

“Brigitte is a special human being. She has a natural and profound wisdom that is truly inspiring and has made an impact on me. She gave me a new and fresh perspective on how to approach situations and challenges that are part of my daily life as well as my professional path. Her advice feels very liberating and empowering. Another great thing about her is her personality: a combination of both depth and an awesome sense of humor. I highly recommend Brigitte as she will help anyone break with limiting beliefs and enter a state of freedom, creativity, and flow.”
Victoria Pericot

Easy Breezy Business is brilliant!

It was astonishing and amazing.

It reconnected me with my inner wisdom and a childlike trust in life, even when my mind isn’t able to grasp everything. And the key is that is not about the mind!

The program and group felt like a safe space to give birth to this new approach to life (and life’s messes ;-)).

I feel more at ease in life and my everyday duties, both work related and personal.

I just love this change and can’t wait to see and explore it more!”

With much gratitude,

Anh Thu

Anh Thu

How others experienced working with me

“It’s truly wonderful to work with Brigitte. She’s loving, wise, honest, and completely tuned in to my truth and my soul. She sees my full potential and brilliance, and helps me expand into that all the time.

The coaching is deeply transformational and life-changing, and worth every cent of my investment – and more!
It’s truly priceless.

Thank you, Brigitte!!”

Petra Jungblut,

jungblutcreatie . nl

“When my program attracted hundreds of new clients. I was forced to bring on another coach to help… I prayed to find a coach masterful enough for me to trust with my tribe. Then I thought of Brigitte… and she said YES! ( Thank God! ) My people had HUGE breakthroughs with her guidance. The best miracle was that thy love her as much as me! (Maybe even more.) She’s brilliant, intuitive, straight-forward, incredibly supportive and detailed. It was the best decision I ever made!
Jeanna Gabellini

“I am living a completely different life now. And it keeps growing and evolving. Brigitte has helped me step into a new reality of magnificent and endless possibility, love and beauty.
Lyerka Miller


Brigitte van Tuijl

I’m a writer and master coach for seekers and high achievers, guiding you to true and lasting freedom, flow and ease by making a simple shift into the higher consciousness of your True Self.

In 2003 I started my coaching business, and since then I’ve helped thousands of women make their dreams real. My clients published their first books, doubled their incomes, launched global businesses, and realized their most important dreams and desires. I published my first book in 2008 and published 6 more books between July 2020 and May 2022.

Being a lifelong seeker of true and lasting freedom, I didn’t rest until I finally found it. Shifting into higher consciousness and dropping ever more conditioning brought me the freedom, ease and flow I always wanted—and more of it continues to be unveiled.

I’ve learned to relax in business and life, and I created this program so you can experience the same!


“I highly recommend Brigitte as she will help anyone break with limiting beliefs and enter a state of freedom, creativity, and flow.”


Victoria Pericot
“I grew so much, without struggle, by becoming more and more true to myself. I gained so much self-confidence. Brigitte helped me lift my business to a whole new level. Working with her is uplifting. I felt like she had my back the entire time we worked together. I could ask her anything and she was always there for me. If you feel that it’s right for you to work with her I only have one thing to say to you: Go for it!”
Simone Brockuis

“Brigitte is 100% committed to helping you be the best you can be, on your own terms, in a way that’s best for you. If you are truly committed to make changes in your business, you should go to Brigitte too. It makes a world of difference in your business and life.”
Else Boutkan